Why content marketing works for the FM, Buildings, Energy Efficiency & Construction sectors

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What is ‘Content Marketing’? It means different things to different people. The best definition we have come across is by Eric Enge at Search Engine Land:

“Content Marketing is the practice of creating, publishing, and sharing content with the goal of building the reputation and visibility of your brand.”

This is further underpinned by Bruce Rogers, Chief Insight Officer at Forbes and one of the world’s foremost authorities on thought leadership:

“Content marketing can be defined as the creation and distribution of meaningful insights, perspectives, and best practices that are valuable to a specific audience. The aim is to retain existing clients including doing more business with them and to attract new high-quality clients.” The effectiveness of content marketing can be calculated based on increases in revenues that can be attributed to the effort.

What this means for the majority of our clients, B2B, FM sector, Construction and energy sectors is marketing your ‘online PR content’. We’ve been doing it for years…. ‘Creating, Publishing and Sharing’….here’s how:




Creating things like press releases, thought-leadership articles, white papers, project profiles, case studies, videos etc…


Publishing the content via your website blog, the industry sector trade media, and social media channels.


Sharing the content in places that are relevant to your target audience; sharing with people who will find the information useful and engage with you as a result. Sharing in spaces where your potential buyers are.

Content marketing should always be an integral process that compliments a company’s business development strategy. It is fast becoming going extremely decisive in determining the success of many of companies in the future. So why not try it? The search engines will love you and you will build your reach within RELEVANT audiences.



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