Online PR & Content Marketing Solutions

Online PR isn’t too dissimilar to traditional offline PR methods, the aim remains the same, to inform target audiences and steer them towards making a purchasing decision, preferably in your favour! Whilst gaining coverage for your company, your brand or your b2b products & services through PR is one of the goals, the ultimate result is to generate leads and deliver sales. The beauty of online PR is that the results are measurable and can be tracked through various tools including your website analytics. We work with clients to create, optimise, publish and distribute valuable content with the goal of driving relevant visitors back to your website.

When online PR is used effectively as part of an overall content marketing strategy, the intellectual capital and technical knowledge base within your company can be called upon to generate articles and sector relevant and valuable content that will strike a chord with your target audience.

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With recent dramatic changes to the media landscape, the days of issuing a press release and expecting it to get picked up by all the trade journals and news sites are diminishing. The huge reduction in the number of print publications means that fewer outlets will cover your story offline.  With that in mind, we create and publish online PR as part of an overall content marketing plan.  We have contacts with all the reputable sector specific online media and we connect and network with the rapidly emerging online audiences of Editors and Bloggers who will publish, share and link to your content online.





content marekting consultancy


SMPR are national providers of strategic marketing solutions focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and regular content for clients throughout the Energy, FM and Construction Sectors.

Drawing upon the reach that we have developed within these industries, and using multi-channel distribution networks, we work with  clients to attract, engage and retain highly-targeted and relevant audiences and nurture them to the point of purchase.


We provide comprehensive content marketing and social media management packages for FM, Energy and Construction industry clients. Increasing and engaging audiences whilst building and nurturing subscribers through well-timed, targeted, creative and informative content.

We offer a flexible approach in content marketing support and can work with you to kick-start the content and social media management if this is what you need, and we also offer a more long-term solution and varying content packages for those that require more of a heavy weight approach.

Our content marketing solutions range from starter packages for SMEs with limited budgets, short-term launch level projects to help you get started with a new company, product or service and for those with a more comprehensive requirement, we can tailor packages to suit, depending upon the level of activity and support required.

All of our clients have the full support of the whole team.