New study reveals the optimum viewing time for online ads

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InSkin Media have conducted an eye-tracking study of nearly 4,300 consumers, discovering that viewable online ads receive 0.7 seconds average ‘gaze time’.

A new study carried out by Inskin Media has revealed that the average viewing time for online ads is a mere 0.7 seconds.

Research Now and Sticky advised that 25% of “viewable” ads are never looked at, while one-third are looked at for one second and 42% are viewed for more than a second – the median being 0.7 seconds.

The study found that for an ad to be looked at for one second, it must be viewable for 14 seconds. There is however an average viewing time of 26 seconds for ads that pull in an at least one second of ‘gaze time’.

Meanwhile, for at least two seconds of gaze time, the average viewability is 33 seconds. For three or more seconds of gaze time, average viewability is 37 seconds.

As per industry guidelines, 50% of an ad must be on screen for at least one second for it to be deemed viewable.

Steve Doyle, InSkin Media’s chief commercial officer, said:

“A campaign should be assessed in three stages: did the ad have the opportunity to be seen, was it actually looked at and what was the impact.

“It should be judged and optimised against the last stage (impact) but the focus on viewability means campaigns are increasingly optimised against the first stage (the opportunity) which can be counter-productive to maximising impact.

“Why? Smaller formats have higher ‘opportunity to be seen’ rates as their size means it’s easier to hit viewability thresholds – but gaze time is very low. Thus, it’s optimising on low engagement and low impact.”

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