Media Relations

The team at SMPR will work with you to build up a high profile for your company in the media and gain you maximum trade and press coverage.  Remember, being featured in your chosen publications will bring exposure to a wide audience, but the press need to be interested in order to feature your products above all the others that they hear about.

To ensure maximum take up by the press we write well targeted, professional press releases to give your company and your products the edge that they deserve. We offer a personal bespoke PR service from writing specific trade journal articles to writing small targeted press releases.

Once written, your article or press release will be pitched to our connections within the relevant trade publications. We have access to all of the newspapers and magazines of general interest and trade magazines, technical journals and specialist web sites. Using our expertise and extensive network of editors, we will identify the relevant target publications suitable for your market. We get advance notice of special issues so you will not miss out when there is a publication of a special feature.

Call us today to find out how effective PR can work for you. For media relations and PR support, contact us on 02476 546150 or email us and we will contact you.

Media relations


We provide comprehensive content marketing consultancy services for FM, Energy and Construction industry clients. Increasing and engaging audiences whilst building and nurturing subscribers through well-timed, targeted, creative and informative content.

We offer a flexible approach in content marketing support and can work with you to kick-start the content if this is what you need, and we also offer a more long-term solution and varying content packages for those that require more of a heavy weight approach.

Our content marketing solutions range from starter packages for SMEs with limited budgets, short-term launch level projects to help you get started with a new company, product or service and for those with a more comprehensive requirement, we can tailor packages to suit, depending upon the level of activity and support required.

All of our clients have the full support of the whole team.