The winner takes it all. Why Industry Awards are a great way to increase your profile

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As part of a successful business, it’s sometimes easy to become so busy that the one person you forget to shout about is yourself. When dealing with customers daily and delivering a top quality service to keep things running smoothly, it’s easy   to forget about the things that you are doing well. Praise is something we all   deserve for doing a good job, right?

Industry Awards are a fantastic way of acknowledging great work – they recognise where you stand out from the others and highlight the fact that the job you are doing is the best in the industry. Awards can increase credibility, instil trust, build your profile and increase morale within your team.

Industry events and awards have the power to contribute significantly towards the visibility and accessibility of businesses. Many smaller businesses gain access to larger audiences through additional PR and the stature of winning such awards.

“So I’ll just go online and complete the form shall I?” – unfortunately not. Awards submissions aren’t as simple as you may think. With sometimes thousands of entries, it’s really important that your entry stands out from the rest.

Here’s a few of our tips on making sure your Awards Submission is tip top:

  • Should you really be submitting an entry? Are you a genuine contender when you compare your achievements against the entry criteria? If so – great!
  • Entice your reader – Judges will have hundreds, sometimes thousands of entries to read through. Ensure your entry grabs their attention, highlighting the key achievements at the very beginning in order to keep them reading.
  • Don’t lose your reader in too much text. Although it’s important to get your message across, keep your paragraphs short and sweet – stick to the point. Don’t go over the word count limit!
  • Don’t forget to tell your story – where you started, where you are now.
  • Testimonials and Reviews will act as great forms of evidence to back up your great work.
  • If you claim to have done something different – back it up. Was it an industry first? What made you different?
  • If you’re using details and images from clients or other teams internally – make sure you get their permission! The last thing you want is to have to place your submission on hold because someone isn’t happy about their photo being used!
  • Check, check and check again. Proof-reading is vital when submitting an Awards entry. Sometimes we all miss a word out or read back on a sentence to realise it makes no sense whatsoever. Save the embarrassment of this happening too late – it could ruin your chances from the very beginning all for the sake of a few small typing errors. It’s also important to make sure all key information is included and not lost within the full document.
  • Be creative. Present everything you want to say in the right way – with the best colours, the best font, and the best images.

Not as straightforward as you first thought? Is workload too high to spend time writing your own submission?

This is where we can help.

Here at SMPR, we are the experts in writing and producing Industry Award Submissions for Construction, Energy & FM Firms.

We have a fantastic success rate of obtaining Construction, FM & Energy Industry Awards for our clients, which showcase their products based on achievements and the things they do best.

What we can do for you:

  • Source awards relevant awards for your sector
  • Obtain full criteria in order to best match awards
  • Full liaison with the team members responsible for providing information and evidence for the submission
  • Writing of the Awards submission document
  • Design and layout of the Awards submission document
  • Design and layout of a supplementary information piece to be included as part of the submission
  • Uploading submission in time for deadline


Prices start from just £495 + VAT.

Let us do the work for you and help you to achieve the recognition you and your business deserves.

For advice on Award Submissions for Construction, Energy & FM Firms, contact us today by calling 02476 546 150 or EMAIL US


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