FM and Workplace Solutions Social Media Marketing

We are in the business of providing high value, results driven PR for all our FM clients.  With millions of people throughout the world accessing and even relying on their blog, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts daily, your target audience is already out there waiting for you.  We aren’t going to tell you why you need to embrace social media as part of your marketing activity because we are assuming that you already know you need to!

All online PR activity is undertaken with search in mind – all our client PR communications are search engine optimised using relevant keywords and hyperlinks back to relevant pages your website or blog.  We will create, optimise and share your PR content using relevant social media channels which we will identify for you.  Social media is largely based around interaction. By building trust within the community you can generate genuine interest in your site and your products.

Find out more about using social media marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy:

  • Blogs for B2B 
  • Twitter for B2B 
  • Linkedin for B2B 
  • Facebook for B2B 

To find out more about how our FM Social Media Marketing services can benefit your business and how we can help you create, optimise and share your PR content. Contact us on 02476 546150 today, or email us and we will contact you.

Social Media Services that we can support you with:

FM industry blogging

Blogging for FM & Workplace Solutions Clients

Blogs are a fantastic way to reach a targeted audience of ‘opt-in’ subscribers.

By posting and sharing regular content and relevant information, a corporate blog will help to raise awareness of your FM and Workplace Solutions related services whilst positioning you as an authority figure.

We will work with you to become a self-publisher, get indexed by the search engines, create authority, link to the social spaces and REACH your target audience, whoever and wherever they are!

Facebook for FM sector

Facebook for Business

Facebook is a B2B networking and marketing platform that connects individuals as friends and allows them to communicate through messages, wall posts, external website links and conversation.

Previously, Facebook was predominantly a personal social network but that hasn’t stopped business and their proactive marketing and sales teams from adapting its existing features to suit their networking and promotional needs. So, if you want to connect with your clients to showcase your facilities management company, products or services, let SMPR share your latest industry news with the world. To join us on Facebook please click here.

Twitter for Facilities Management industry

Twitter for the Construction Industry

If you are launching a new facilities management service or you just have news to share, Twitter quickly helps you to spread the word. Used in the right way, Twitter can be used to raise your company’s profile and position you as an authority on a specific subject. It is like tapping into a collective conversation with a relevant audience, willing to share your messages with broader audiences.

We offer a full Twitter management service, either as part of a bespoke PR package for FM & Workplace Solutions sector clients, or as an individual element to complement your existing PR activities. Follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

LinkedIn for the FM sector

LinkedIn for the FM Sector

Each member of the SMPR team regularly use LinkedIn to share client news with relevant groups and authority figures within the construction sector and other industries. LinkedIn has a multitude of established FM & Workplace Solutions groups with active participation from thousands of construction industry authority figures. We work with FM sector clients to actively connect with key figures from relevant industries and communicate news to an audience of avid listeners.

Although LinkedIn is a personal social networking service for business professionals, it is proving to be one of the best ways to publish our client’s SMO (Social Media Objects) to an existing target audience. Follow us on LinkedIn

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