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Facebook is a B2B networking and marketing platform that connects individuals as friends and allows them to communicate through messages, wall posts, external website links and conversation.

Facebook allows corporate executives and decision makers to promote their companies and interests which in return drives traffic to their websites and any blogs that they may have. Latest news can be published and promoted by updating the ‘status’ box on the profile page which appears on friend’s home page as a news feed thus creating (brand) awareness.

Facebook groups can be created about anything by anyone, and by engaging in this type of activity is an additional benefit for businesses as it connects with target audiences and allows group members to share information and the latest industry news.  Groups are also indexed by the Facebook search engine ensuring that they can be found by those individuals with common interest.

Creating polls, publishing blogs, uploading podcasts and importing RSS feeds are just a few of the easy to add yet effective features available on Facebook. Statistics including traffic, gender and age group can also be measured from such features which subsequently give businesses the opportunity to educate themselves about their client’ s interest and activity levels.

Previously, Facebook was predominantly a personal social network but that hasn’t stopped business and their proactive marketing and sales teams from adapting its existing features to suit their networking and promotional needs.

So, if you want to connect with your clients let SMPR share your latest industry news with the world.

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