Content Marketing: What value does it hold for your business?

Many businesses are unsure of the benefits of Content Marketing and the value it holds. Some are reluctant to invest in such strategies as they are unsure of the benefits – here’s why Content Marketing could be beneficial to your business. Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy for attracting new business, building your company’s […]

New study reveals the optimum viewing time for online ads

InSkin Media have conducted an eye-tracking study of nearly 4,300 consumers, discovering that viewable online ads receive 0.7 seconds average ‘gaze time’. A new study carried out by Inskin Media has revealed that the average viewing time for online ads is a mere 0.7 seconds. Research Now and Sticky advised that 25% of “viewable” ads […]

Why September is a great time for raising your profile

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all feeling it. The resigned acceptance that our beloved British summer is almost over.  Holidays have been and gone and are nothing now but a distant memory. We’ve all spent time with good friends, family and as we do every year – made the most of the good […]

1 in 5 PR disasters break on Twitter, while 94% are inflamed by Twitter trolls

New international study identifies Twitter as the key driver for PR disasters online 94% of all PR disasters either start or spread on Twitter. That’s according to new research from media monitoring platform Visibrain, released in conjunction with the company’s Best Practice Guide for Media Monitoring. Visibrain’s research was conducted in partnership with Nicolas Vanderbiest, […]

Top tips to create a killer call-to-action

When creating an email campaign, a blog post or even a landing page, the main aim of the game is to encourage the reader to click that all important call-to-action. Too often, email campaigns can be littered with too much text, too many images and the purpose of the communication can be lost. With the […]

How to stand out from the crowd by powering up your online PR.

As a key decision maker in any business, your primary targets and strategies are going to be based around building the business, making it work and increasing revenue and profits. Many businesses are unsure as to whether online PR is important for them and often, there is a lot of misconception when it comes to […]

The winner takes it all. Why Industry Awards are a great way to increase your profile

As part of a successful business, it’s sometimes easy to become so busy that the one person you forget to shout about is yourself. When dealing with customers daily and delivering a top quality service to keep things running smoothly, it’s easy   to forget about the things that you are doing well. Praise is something […]

Useful metrics for PR Campaigns in the Built Environment

When creating any PR campaign, it’s important to identify what metrics will be used in order to reach the campaign objectives. With so many different channels now available to communicate with target audiences, it’s essential to understand the value and success of each channel by regularly using metrics to analyse performance. When running PR campaigns […]

Why content marketing works for the FM, Buildings, Energy Efficiency & Construction sectors

What is ‘Content Marketing’? It means different things to different people. The best definition we have come across is by Eric Enge at Search Engine Land: “Content Marketing is the practice of creating, publishing, and sharing content with the goal of building the reputation and visibility of your brand.” This is further underpinned by Bruce […]

How to make your FM business stand out from the crowd

With #WorldFMDay happening on 16th May, and all the different content and social media campaigns from Facilities Management companies around the UK, SMPR have put together some marketing tips on how you can make your FM business stand out from the crowd. With big brands spending a lot of money and effort on marketing, how […]

Win More Specifications Without BIM and Other Buzzwords

Darren Lester, founder of building product research platform, SpecifiedBy, shares some of the insights from their upcoming ‘Specifier Insights Report 2017’, which looks at how to reach and influence specifiers in 2017. When it comes to sales and marketing, there’s always a new, latest trend or buzzword. One silver bullet after another. Inevitably, they often […]


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